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Saturday, 05 April 2008

Web Sites:

First, if you do not have a computer in your home, it is likely that you will still be able to access the internet by visiting your local library. Most librarians will help you get started by showing you how to get on-line, ‘surf’ the internet, and open an e-mail account. (allows you to send and receive electronic mail).

You’ve never operated a computer? How much does it cost? Is it difficult to learn how to use a computer? Most easy to learn and use! Many libraries offer free computer time and free classes on basic computer operation.

E-mail accounts are available from any number of sources such as Hotmail (free to very low priced), Earthlink, Yahoo, etc. I use Hotmail because it was the first one the librarian showed me more than five years ago. The service has been trouble free. I finally went to paying for extra storage. It’s still cheap and worth the money.

Now, why would any sane person want to fool around with one of these electronic gadgets, anyway? I thought we were supposed to be out in our shops or kitchens rebuilding old BMW engines and transmissions.

INFORMATION! Remember those days when we waited at the post office for our copy of a newsletter that only arrived once every two or three months and contained a few technical articles and tips about working on our bikes and we thought that was really great stuff?

Today, information is available at light speed, or at least the speed of your computer. All kinds of information is out there: where to find new parts, used parts, E-bay auctions for BMW stuff, (Ducatti, NSU Norton, etc, too!), websites dedicated to BMW’s (this one is first class! where you can post free want ads, find technical information, ask questions and get honest answers.

There are many more….here are a few listed below, check them out for yourself.

Internet BMW Riders  Check them out. They fund the site with your donations. Please be generous while crossing their palms with silver.

John’s Beemer Garage  Absolute must visit site! This is a personal website devoted to our hobby. You’ve heard the expression about a person being a ‘walking encyclopedia’? This man put his knowledge together in a format with photos for all of us to witness and learn from.

Boxerworks Phorum A live write-in site where folks from all over the globe will answer your questions. This site is sponsored by Nathan Mende of Boxer Works, a repair and restoration shop near Atlanta, GA.

Yahoo Groups BMW sites (there are about five or six of them: vintage BMW’s, BMW Mono Club, Slash Two Group, Kradrider, DC_BMW’s, BMWR51_3, etc.) Look for them at:

BMW Einzylinder Informationszentrum This is a German website about singles. Some of their information has been translated into English. Comprehensive and worth visiting.

Duane Ausherman’s website  This site is really worth your time. Duane is a former BMW dealer in Marin County, California. I cannot say enough good things about this guy…check out his website and see for yourself.

Bench Mark Works

Craig and Elaine Vechorik offer a comprehensive array of vintage BMW parts and accessories. They have many really tough to find items. They are even having parts made for the ‘BMW Mobile Tradition’ program. As part of their website, they have an ‘on-line’ shopping area, list of upcoming events, and a technical Q & A section. Elaine also has a webpage of her own. You can access it through the above link.

Craig Vechorik
3400 Earles Fork Road
Sturgis, MS 39769 USA
Telephone/FAX: (662) 465-6444
Toll-free order line: 1-800-323-7102
Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5 Central Time
Technical advice from Vech Mon-Fri 1-5 Central Time: (662) 465-6444
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Barrington Motor Works, LLC  Chris and Bobsie Betjemann sponsor this site. They restore and service vintage BMWs, as well as import reproduction Steib sidecars, MZ_B 12 Volt systems with electronic ignition for our old-timers, and other vintage BMW parts. Check out their website, it’s worth a visit.

Cycle  Works, Inc.  (Rebuilds crankshafts, manufactures and sells special shop tools for early BMW’s, lightens flywheels, etc. this guy is really good!)
OREGON  WI  53575  USA
Phone (608) 246 0404
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Motorrad Stemler  (He has wide selection of parts, quality of service is controversial)
Garscheiger Heide 29
D-42899 Remscheid

There are many, many more sites on the web which we can access in an instant. Happy hunting!