Allegheny Meet, 2004
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Saturday, 05 April 2008

Allegheny Meet, 2004 

This year’s event took place July 31st through August 2nd near Evans City, PA, a few miles between Pittsburgh and Zelienople. Bruce and Bonnie Williams have been hosting this meet for the last twenty years at a family owned location situated in a valley between two north/south ridges. There are several summer homes, a pool, two shelter houses complete with kitchens, dens and sleeping quarters, an open sided shelter with a fire pit where most of us can sit down for the evening after-dinner meeting and distribution of door prizes.

There was a little rain and some overcast skies over the weekend. Overall, the weather was fine for an event like this, which is more of a family reunion and gathering of friends than anything. Most gracious hosts, Bruce and Bonnie always make sure there is more than enough food for everyone at these meets.

Is it all about the bikes? Yes, No, Maybe? I think we are all drawn together because of our common interest in older BMW motorcycles, but that is only the introduction we need to get to know each other and develop lasting friendships. I believe these friendships are the reason why the Williams’ put on this annual event. This year, Bruce and Bonnie were honored for their twenty years’ service sponsoring the Allegheny Meet, and their contributions to the general well being of the BMW community.  (Photo below: Bruce examines an engraved gas cap commemorating the twenty years devotion to the Allegheny Meet. Cake shown below, and gas cap were a gift from Ken and Joan Danzey)


The following is from a letter written by Ken Danzey:

“The Allegheny Rally of 2004 hosted by Bruce and Bonnie Williams at the Ru-Ann Valley in Evans City, Pa.  is now history.  As always everyone enjoyed the event.  Due to the chance of rain, attendance was down a little.  Many people chose to come by way of four wheels and not two, but that didn't dampen our spirits.  Among all the old friends who were able to attend a new-old friend, John Harper, was able to make it to the Rally, coming from Alabama. After the famous all you can eat Saturday night hot dog and corn roast we had our annual after dinner gathering to discuss this years rally and what we would be doing next year.  Rumor had it that after 20 years Bruce and Bonnie were going give up hosting this rally.  After our group discussion Bruce and Bonnie decided to continue to offer their hospitality for the first weekend of August and continue the Allegheny Meet tradition. After the meeting we usually start the door prize drawing where everyone usually  wins something. This year marked 20 years of rally sponsorship. We presented Bruce and Bonnie with a cake and special award to show our appreciation for all their continued hard work and dedication in putting this annual rally together.” 


The Usual Suspects: Seen at Ohio and western PA meets are from left, Larry Kamody, Dave Halupka, Jeff Borer, Ken Danzey, and Steve Szewczk

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