Tech II, Part I: Engine Case Repair
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Saturday, 05 April 2008

Tech II, Part I: Engine case repair

The R24 in these photos came out of Ontario. It must have sat outdoors for some time. None of the original paint was left on the machine. (see photo).


Sometime during the life of this bike, some enterprising person adapted the bike to work with a lawn mower engine bolted to the top of the engine case. He (or she) torched off the connecting rod at its base, forced a pulley onto the nose of the crankshaft, hack sawed off the top of the timing chain portion of the front of the crankcase, drilled several mounting holes onto the case, bolted the new engine on and rode down the road, or around the barnyard with the bike.  Why he did this probably has more to do with his desire to extend the useable life of the bike. Sort of like transplanting a chicken heart into a dying milk cow in order to get another six months worth of butter and cream. In this case, it seems to have worked, because there was evidence the bike ran after the transplant.

The engine and frame serial numbers match, so I will seek out an otherwise unusable donor case from an R24-27 in order to make the repairs to this one. I can’t see cutting up a good case that someone else could use. See the next Tech article discussing the repair done on an R68 case. 

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