Mid-Ohio 2004 Vintage Racing, BMW Style
Written by BMWVMCA NEWS   
Saturday, 05 April 2008

 MID OHIO 2004 VINTAGE RACING, BMW STYLE Article by David Percival.

“Finally, after carrying the BMW torch for so long in the vintage racing arena, there comes a chance to perform for many of the BMW veteran and modern owners. July finds the team of OZZIE'S BMW VINTAGE RACING / DP MOTORSPORTS once again in Lexington Ohio, site of the MID-OHIO race track. Except this year, the featured marquee is BMW, the only kind of race bikes that the team has ever put on the track. This team is the product of two of the old time BMW, hard core guys that believes that there are only two kinds of motorcycles:  BMWs, and others.”


“Ozzie Auer, Chico, California BMW motorcycle dealer, whose racing roots go back to his home country of Germany, is the heart and soul of the team. An ex-sidecar champion, as well as solo racer, being the U.S. champion back in 1990, knows all of the tricks that can ring out about all the power that the boxer has to offer. He tunes the bikes and prides himself on, not only building competitive race bikes, but never giving up any of the classic look that has come to be associated with BMW. The bikes are clean, fast, and emit a sound from their exhaust pipes that rival a symphony orchestra.

This year, seven BMW racers were unloaded from the trailer, however the team was one driver short. Ralph Auer, Ozzie's son and one of the teams premier racers, was in the middle of building a new house, and had a group of friends scheduled to help with the roof trusses, which arrived that same weekend. It's not like you could get rich vintage racing, what it is a hobby and there are many more important things in life. The other two drivers,

Larry Cambpell and his son, Glen Cambpell, (no, not the singer.) were in attendance and were able to give a good account from themselves on the track. The team also showed off their new leathers, which the drivers designed, and this added to the first class appearance of the organization.

For those VMCA members that wandered through the pits, at the team's trailer you saw, two 1938 R51SS bikes, two 1961 R50S bikes, one 1972/5 750cc bike, one special R51/3 500cc GP bike, plus there was one other 1939 R51SS bike, number 51, which belongs to, and is ridden by Norbert Nickel, who travels to all of the races and is a member of the team. Also on display was a 1954 R54RS sidecar sitter. This motor is the real thing, being number three of the twenty five that were made in 1954.


This year has seen a cut back in the team's schedule, and a though various drivers have won national championships, they are running a limited schedule, and enjoying the fellowship of other vintage racers. The team is scheduled to race at the final race of the season on the weekend of October 23-24 in Birmingham Alabama, at the Barber Motorsports Park. If you happen to be at that race, or any other races where the team is competing, stop by the trailer and see how a bunch of young and old BMW race guys enjoy their weekends off.”  

Dave Percival