Written by BMWVMCA NEWS   
Saturday, 05 April 2008


Will Stoner (photo) is the swap meet co-coordinator at the AMA/Mid-Ohio Vintage Days meet near Lexington. Will, a former ‘flat tracker’, has been involved with the AMA Mid-Ohio meet since its beginning fourteen years ago.

This year’s BMW event took place primarily in the infield.

Several volunteers from the VBMWMO worked in conjunction with the AMA and Mobile Tradition to make this event take place.

Peter Nettesheim loaned a large portion of his magnificent collection for display in the Mobile Tradition tent. Peter was on hand through out the weekend to welcome visitors, answer questions and assist with the display.  

Bruce Williams, Stephen Ascherl, Jack Wells, Kevin Hilliard displayed bikes, and Reinhard Hilkenbach displayed an outstanding Isetta.

Fred Jakobs (BMW Archives) hosted the overall  Mobile Tradition display. Fred also conducted several seminars Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We were privileged to assemble a display booth directly across from The Bench Mark Works sales area, about 100 yards east of the Mobile Tradition tent.

We manned the booth with at least four people at a time throughout each day of the meet. During the daytime, we were blessed with numerous visitors, some who were curious about our new club, but most came there especially to wish us well and inquire about membership. John Swift, Sam Booth, Bruce Williams, Dave Halupka, Chris Betjemann, Paul Seibert, John Lacko took their turns in the booth greeting BMW friends and answering questions.

Throughout each day, there were  anywhere from fifteen to twenty five bikes parked close in around our booth. At one point, officials from the AMA asked us to move our display. We explained that what they witnessed was not a display at all, but VMCA friends who came by and parked their bikes.

Chris Betjemann (Barrington Motor Works, LLC) brought his nicely finished Dover white slash two conversion with Steib TR500 rig. Chris said he had finished assembling the bike and sidecar minutes before loading it up and heading out from New Hampshire. It had only six miles on the clock when he brought it to Mid-Ohio.