Your Letters
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Wednesday, 06 August 2008

Your Letters

Jim Falk


I received the October issue in yesterdays mail.  Thank you so very much.  I really appreciate you doing that.  I do not know if I told you but I went to Ohio on October 17 to bury Jim on October 18.  His father was so happy to see me.  It was just the two of us and the pastor from his church.  When we arrived at Rose Hill, the Director Chris Larson asked "was Jim a big guy?"  I said "Yes!  Why do you ask."  He said that his box containing his ashes is quite heavy and he figured he had to be a big guy.  

Pastor Duke performed a very beautiful ceremony and sang a beautiful song for Jim.  He had a beautiful voice.  All the while this was going on a squirrel was bouncing back and forth behind Jim's grave site.  It was a beautiful day, the weather was 70 degrees and no rain.  I was disappointed that his only brother was not there for him.  After that we went to Lebanon to have dinner at the Golden Lamb.  I understand that is the oldest building in Ohio and President Lincoln and other famous people stayed there.  I had catfish and their famous sugar pie for dessert that I shared with his dad and the Pastor.  After that, dad took me back to Hamilton to see where Jim was born and the house he lived in when he was growing up.  In all, I was so glad that I made the trip.  I will probably be buried next to Jim someday.  

Again, thank you for your kindness.

Best Regards,
Marta Santillano Falk

Your Letters

Hi Richard:

Boy, did your method work great for the polished cases on my R68!!  I bought a needle scaler from Harbor Freight and did the work at Arlen Andersons’ last week.  We took the motor apart and while apart, I needled the case, the timing gear cover, the front cover and the half moon cover on the top of the case.  After needling them, I covered all the openings with covers and blasted with steel shot then glass beads.

After taking the covers off, I washed the parts with solvent and a stainless brush, then with real hot soapy water then solvent again.

With the covers on, there was a real limited amount of shot or beads (near none) inside.  I cleaned out and blew out all oil passages and re-assembled the crank after cleaning the slingers.  The motor is in real good condition with 2nd oversized pistons.

Now I have a couple of new questions.  First: I had thought of using a slash 2 flywheel and clutch parts, but found it would'nt fit with the trans in place.  The assembly on a /2 is thicker than the original pieces.  My clutch was always real hard to pull in and I thought the /2 would work easier.  I modified a /2 clutch rod shaft to replace the square one that is used to work the pressure plate.  Never the less, the idea wouldn't fly, so now I am exploring ways to make the original work better.  The R68 flywheel has a toothed pressure plate in front of the 6 springs.  FIRST QUESTION- Do the teeth on the outside edge of the pressure plate need some kind of lubricant that would help them slide
in the housing?   Seems a bad place to put grease.  

QUESTION TWO: The clutch I took out of the R68 is a bonded sport clutch.  I measured it and have 5.02mm of thickness remaining on the clutch disc.  A near new clutch I have which is riveted measures 7.74mm.

Was the "sport" clutch 7mm+ thick when new?  I want to replace the clutch while in there, but as the clutch action is so stiff, if the sport is meant to be thin, it would seem the extra thickness would only make the action harder.

Many Thanks!
Dale Monson

From Jim Wetzel:

Upon receiving the last issue of the ‘NEWS’, I realized I still haven’t paid my dues yet. Please find check enclosed.

...great meet at Barber’s this last October. Too bad it’s so far away.

I had a couple of calls on the R51/2, but no offers. I’ve decided rather than ‘give’ the bike away, I’ll just keep it in the configuration it’s in now. One more project to add to the many yet to do.

Regarding ‘hot’ race cams for my R51 twin cam project, I can’t seem to locate anything. Please let me know if you run across anything or can put me in contact with anyone who has them.



Schleicher, GmbH still manufactures camshafts for your 
R51. Though they will not sell directly to an individual, you may purchase their products through any of the distributors who handle replacement parts for our old BMWs. You should specify that you need a set, or right and left pair.


Tank Coatings


I experienced some problems with the PPG 74LF epoxy primer lifting and bubbling up in gas tanks.

I might have found an alternative product. It is a marine finish, and comes in colors, one of which is very close to the original orange/red coating.

Right now, it is in the testing stages with gasoline.

In the meantime, I am chemically treating the bare steel insides of gas tanks with a phosphate similar to Parkerizing.

Tim Stafford

Special Tools


I am currently rebuilding an R90S transmission. I found a drawing for the plate to setup the shims at the website below. Check it out (Its about half way down).

I know that I could perform this task without the plate, but cannot resist buying tools. I also thought there would be benefit in having the shafts in a fixed position to make accurate measurements.

I am having one built by the local machine shop. This machine shop builds the forks for the Boss Hoss motorcycles - they are first class (which means not cheap). The bulk of the cost was getting the CNC program done. So the premium for buying a second plate was ~25%. I had two made with the intent of donating the second to the club’s tool loan program. I wanted to make sure this was not something the club already had, though.

They called today and said the plates are ready and I can pick them up Wednesday. Not to add more work on our Web Administrator or anyone else, would it be possible to have a list of tools in the tool loan program on the website?

Erik Bahl
Huntsville, AL

Hello Erik,

Thank you for your generosity.

We do not yet have a /5 through /7 transmission tool as you described.

Your idea that the available tools should be posted is excellent.

It might take a while, because we need to inventory and label each tool, then make up a list.

So far, folks have simply described the tool they needed, then I reached onto the shelf and grabbed it to send off in the next day's mail. 'You know, that thingy that aligns the whatzzit on the humpin cluster?'
Take care,

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