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Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Cover Photo

This bike belongs to our member Buddy Butler of Midwest City, OK.

After the Saturday evening dinner at the Sturgis Rally, Buddy and I switched bikes. I got to ride his bike for about twenty miles. What an incredible ride!

Todd Rasmussen built this bike from spare parts, ergo the moniker ‘BITSA’.

Todd used a frame, transmission and rear drive from his pile of spare R51/3 parts.

The forks are Cerriani and the front hub and brake are from a Honda.

The rims are made by the now defunct Akront.

The engine is from an R75/5 that had been modified for racing. Todd further modified the engine case by cutting off the upper part of the housing where the electric starter was enclosed. He welded up any exposed openings and smoothed out the welds.

He removed the electrics from the front of the engine, except for the alternator, which he covered with two pieces of cast aluminum oil coolers from JC Whitney.

The points are hidden under a small cover in front of the camshaft, and the Dyna coil is hidden up under the tank.

The fenders are generic alloy from Domi Racer in Cincinnati.

In place of a speedometer, there is an electronic tach mounted on the handlebar.


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