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Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Your Letters

Hello Richard,

Enclosed with my membership dues you will find a somewhat funny and true story about something that happened at the 2004 Mid-Ohio Vintage Days.

‘Do loud pipes save lives?’ While strolling about in the BMW area in the infield, an elderly gentleman struck up a conversation with me. Sadly, I cannot recall his name, so for this retelling, I will refer to him as ‘Jack’.

Jack covered most things BMW, including their outstanding behavior regarding exhaust noise levels. Naturally, the issue of ‘loud pipes’ came up. We discussed the claim made by several Brand X groups that ‘loud pipes save lives.’

Jack suggested the claim was ‘humbug’ and an excuse to justify excessive noise.

As Jack continued his condemnation, I saw motion out of the corner of my eye. An Earles twin was approaching us at a slow pace, the rider distracted by something off to his side. From where we were, the exhaust was inaudible.

Jack was still making his point when unaware of the bike coming up behind him, he stepped to his right, smack in the path of the oncoming bike.

Good manners at this point were a lesser concern than physical contact, so I grabbed Jack and pulled him from the path of the distracted rider. Jack must not have heard the well behaved BMW.

I confess to being somewhat rude when I mentioned the possibility that ‘loud pipes do save lives.’ That ended the discussion.

Please correct my grammar. Remember, English is my adopted language.  

Hals und Beinbruch!
Karl Duffner

(Note: Karl taught me this expression at another meet, ‘throat and legbreak’. Roughly translated it means: ‘Break a leg’ How would we translate this into German: ‘Get your ass in gear’ or ‘Haul ass!’  RS)


Just thought you might like an update on the magneto issue.  My buddy went down to the local airstrip where they went to the backroom and pulled out an old dusty BOSCH re-magnetization tool... the oldtimers referred to it as "the growler".  He put the magneto on the stand between two pillars (coils) and turned the thing on.  It made quite a racket and after a few seconds the magnet was stronger than ever.

This combined with a new coil makes big fat blue sparks that can actually be heard as they "snap"...  kind of like little tiny thunder.

Thanks again,
Matt Witter

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