Interim Director and Candidate Director Profiles
Written by BMWVMCA NEWS   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Interim Director and Candidate Director Profiles

This is part of the democratic process, and in keeping with the requirements of our charter, we are holding our first elections.

Initially, one three year term is granted to the Director winning the most number of votes. Four two year terms are granted to Directors as above, and four one year terms granted as above.* Thereafter, Directors serve three year terms.

Directors may serve no more than two consecutive or non-consecutive terms, nor more than a total of six years.

Enclosed with this issue is one ballot with the names of the Candidates. Please study the following Candidate Profiles and vote for not more than nine Candidates.  I recommend that you vote for candidates whom you believe will serve the interests of the club most to your liking. If you have any questions about any of the candidates, please contact them.

As Directors, it will be part of their responsibility to be accessible to you.

If you call any of these candidates, please consider the time zone they live in. After 9:00 PM, it is getting a bit too late for phone calls.

Note that there is room on the ballot for your choice of ‘write in’ candidates.

Mail your ballot as soon as you have made your choices.

We will count your ballots at the April Meet at Sturgis, Mississippi.

*(Tentative to an amendment. The Charter calls for three Directors in each of the two and one year terms. When we drew up the Charter at Lexington, we originally intended to have no more than seven Directors. When we increased the number to nine, this part of the Charter was overlooked. We will need a quorum of Directors to vote on this matter)

Chris Betjemann: Barrington, NH

My introduction to motorcycles was a Norton twin in the early 1960’s during college in upstate New York.  My wife and I met and dated on motorcycles and motorcycles have never been far from our lives.  I am a retired MD, having run and worked in emergency rooms for almost 30 years.  During medical school I was employed part time as a mechanic in a large motorcycle shop in Philadelphia, PA.  My earnings there helped with both the expenses of medical school and those of motorcycles.  My interest in BMW’s began during those medical school years and I well remember a gray R50S with solo seat and Hoske mufflers that was owned by a friend.  During those years in school and later in training there was no money for a BMW, but there could be Yamaha’s, Honda’s and Kawasaki’s. 
It wasn’t until later in life that we could afford a BMW, but approximately twenty years ago we bought our first and have owned many since.

After retiring from medicine approximately seven years ago we opened our shop to customer work as Barrington Motor Works, LLC.  Since then we have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful members of this vintage BMW motorcycle community as well as the pleasure of working on some really fine machines.  You are welcome to see some examples of our work at

Since participating in the organizational meeting of the VMCA in January, 2004 in Kentucky I have involved myself with VMCA as one of the interim directors of the club.  In addition, I have written a number of articles for the VMCA News.  We have come to make it a practice in our shop to provide the owner of each machine we restore or otherwise significant service with a membership in VMCA.  With each of those provided memberships also comes a request to contribute to the VMCA in the form of stories, experiences, knowledge and advice. I see it as important for each of us to reach out to other members of this community and offer as well as ask for help, information, contact and comradeship. With free interchange amongst the members of this community comes a unity that can only serve us all well.  With the above as my intent regarding VMCA I would like to continue to serve VMCA as a director. 

Christopher Betjemann #4
90 Canaan Back Road
Barrington, NH 03825
603 664 9804
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Sam Booth: Athens, OH
Sam Booth #8
258 W. State St
Athens, OH 45701
740 594 8184
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Kevin Brooks: Olympia, WA

I have been riding and restoring BMW’s of all vintages since the early 1970’s. I have owned many other types of motorcycles but I always owned several BMWs as well and kept coming back to them as my favorites. So much so that by the late 1980’s  
I had a stable of BMW’s of various vintage and nothing else.

I own and operate a small, exclusively BMW, Restoration shop in Olympia Wash. We sponsor several organized and disorganized rides each year as well the Annual “Brooks Invitational” ride-in and BBQ. We are in our 7th year of hosting this event and each year it has grown in size and enthusiasm – the Vintage BMW is very much alive and well here in the Pacific Northwest. Last year we  hosted a three day event and had about 80 attendees.

I am very excited about the Veteran BMW Club and joined as soon as I heard about it. I am very pleased that creative and dedicated  individuals have stepped up to carry the torch of enthusiasm which in the past has been so sadly lacking in the “other organization”.

I would like to make what contribution I can to the organization by representing it in the Pacific Northwest, or through officially sponsored events, or by association with other established clubs such as the VME or the Washington State BMW riders Assoc. Please feel free to let me know in what capacity I may contribute.

Kevin Brooks
8620 Pacific Ave
Olympia, WA 98513

360 413 5928
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Jim Falk:  Murrieta , CA

I have been involved with BMW motorcycles since 1971, where I was introduced to them by a supervisor at my summer job during college.  This gentleman, Richard Ogden of Hamilton, Ohio, became my closest friend for the next 23 years until his untimely death in July 1994.  He was quite an enthusiast, though he owned only one vintage model, an R60US.  At that same time (1971), he introduced me to the legendary dealer from Camden, Ohio – Bob Beasley – who had been dealing BMW’s since 1939!  Over the following decade, my activity with BMW’s was limited to riding models of that era, until I happened upon an original 1954 RS54 in Germany during business travels!  I was able to acquire this bike for a tidy sum, and still have it today in isolated safekeeping!  Later in the 80’s, I went on somewhat of an acquisition spree, many of these by sheer chance, acquiring an R39 single in Germany (again on a business trip), and some more common models stateside (R60/2, R69S and a Steib sidecar).  In the early 90’s, I acquired three more Pre-War rarities from the 1930’s and a couple of R68’s, one of which I sold unfinished; then the find of a lifetime in 1993 – a very rare R37, un-restored and operable!!  My other models in use include an R90S and a modern K1100LT. 
Enough about my acquisitions; I mention these to indicate my devotion to and interest in the Veteran and Vintage BMW models.

As for my own activities and efforts for the older BMW’s, I have chaired the Vintage Display effort for the BMWMOA National Rally for the past 15 years. Over that time period, I and others who have assisted me have expanded this event to include special awards, an open forum seminar on BMW history and restoration, technical advice where possible, and special judging efforts more relevant to the older models (we include everything from 1923-1976 now with appropriate class divisions).  After the death of esteemed Vintage enthusiast and friend Vern Mitchell in 1994, I have offered a special trophy in his honor to one individual each year for outstanding personal effort in the restoration or preservation of a Pre-1970 BMW model.  Three of the winners have been Pre-War models – R32, R57 and R17!  In addition to the BMWMOA, I am an active member and Regional director with the Vintage BMW organization, and for about ten years, I have belonged to AMCA (Antique MC Club of America), where I am the VP and Newsletter Editor for the Southern California Chapter.  I happen to own three rare antique American bikes (Pre-World War I), all in the process of restoration.

As a Director for BMW VMCA, I would strive to promote the interest in and preservation of the older models, as I have done with the BMWMOA and can do elsewhere, time permitting.  My personal background is that I have a BS degree from M.I.T and a Master’s degree from University of Minnesota in Materials Engineering.  Having spent over 25 years in the plastics industry, I am currently teaching school and pursuing a teaching credential; perhaps a dramatic change of sorts, but I feel motivated to make a difference in younger people’s lives!  I am impressed with the efforts and support demonstrated by the BMW VMCA, and would be proud to represent and promote the organization to the best of my ability.

Jim Falk #184
39695 Almansa Ct
Murrieta, CA 92562
951 461 6714
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Steve Foster: Anniston AL

For the past nine years I have been the Production Director for the publishing firm, American Graphics Group based out of Anniston, Alabama.  I have extensive experience in publishing and web development.

I first became introduce to BMW motorcycles in 2002 with the acquisition of my r1200cm cruiser.  After a few years of riding, I was introduced to the world of antique and vintage BMW’s via John Swift.   Since this time, I have acquired and almost finished the restoration of a 1953 r51 /3.  Also, on the project table, I have begun the restoration of a 1954 r67 /3 with a1952 Steib S500 rig, with the restoration of a 1955 DKW 175 to follow.

Though my involvement with antique BMW’s has been limited, I have had the opportunity to help our club behind the scenes with my involvement in the club newsletter and website development.  I appreciate each member’s support and will continue to serve our club at each opportunity.

Best Regards,

Steve Foster # 173
1420 Holly Hill Lane
Anniston, AL 36207
256 282 1480
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Dave Halupka: Glouster, OH

I am a resident of SE Ohio. My vintage BMW involvement began in 1982 when I bought my first BMW, a 1964 R69S. Today, my participation with the vintage BMW community takes place primarily at the numerous vintage motorcycle events taking place in the Midwest. Since 2004, Sam Booth and I have hosted the annual Hocking Valley Vintage Rally in
Stewart, Ohio

All aspects of the vintage BMW (or vintage motorcycle) hobby interest me. That includes history, technology, racing, and most importantly, riding. I believe that the BMW VMCA, with a newsletter that features ‘how-to’ articles, a tool loan program, and a membership with diverse skills and experience is the best organization to serve those of us who take pleasure in using vintage BMW’s for the purpose that they were built for.

David Halupka #10
7500 Ross Lane
Glouster, OH 45732
740 767 3938

Bob Lonergan:  Staten Island, NY

For the last fifteen years I have been collecting and restoring motorcycles, after being reintroduced to them by my son. 
My favorite marque is, of course, BMW. I have restored and own a 1952 R51 3, 1954R67 2 with LS200 Steib sidecar, 1960 R60 with Steib S500 sidecar, 1963 R69S, 1968 R69S US. My favorite rider is an original 1969 R60 with Hollandia sidecar. Currently I am restoring a 1952R51 3, 1940R12, 1927R42, and a 1942XA.

My wife, Naomi, and son, Eric, both avid BMW fans, help with my restorations.  I have exhibited many of these bikes at the National and local rallies. 

In addition to the Veterans Club, I am a member of the Vintage Club, national AMCA and the Colonial Chapter. I have co-Chaired the Vintage Display at the MOA National Rallies, with my wife Naomi, working to insure that all runs smoothly at set-up, registration and judging. I am an active volunteer worker, exhibitor and judge in my AMCA chapter.

I am a retired Industrial Arts/Vocational and Technical Education teacher, spending most of my time working on my motorcycles and maintaining homes in two states. I look forward to helping make our club the best it can be.

Robert Lonergan #23
475 Woods of Arden Road
Staten Island, N.Y. 10312
718 356 2011
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David Percival: Andover, ME

I  grew up in the Maine
woods, and eventually attended and graduated from Paul Smith’s College majoring in forestry, a natural choice for me.

In 1958 I entered the US Army Corps of Engineers, and was stationed  at Bad Kreuznach until my discharge in 1960. While in Germany, I saw my first BMW twin, and became enthralled with the BMW Marquee and just about everyone connected with these fine machines. I am still enriched by the lifelong friendships that began so long ago in Germany.

I began my civilian career by working for an engineering firm in western Massachusetts until I moved back to my home town of Andover, Maine in 1964, where I worked in forestry connected with the furniture industry.

In 1970, I founded Percival Forest Products, Inc. a logging operation which I sold in 1984 to raise capital for my next, a three way joint venture in Bio-Mass Energy.

In 1987, three of us went together to build a 40 Megawatt power facility, which was the first electrical generating plant in the US using sawdust and wood chips for fuel.

From 1987 until my retirement in 1999, I served as Senior Vice President of ARS Stratton Energy Systems and VP of Stratton Energy Association.

Today, I serve as a town alderman and engineering and forestry advisor to the Andover town council.

On January 17th, 2004, in Lexington, Kentucky I spent a day filled with fireworks and satisfaction helping to hammer out a charter and foundation for a new vintage BMW organization.

My interest in BMW’s as you know began in 1958, and has been a glowing passion ever since. Among my goals,  preservation of the marquee and promoting general interest among young people are foremost.

My mission is do as much as I can to preserve these machines for generations yet unborn, so they may see and experience what their grandfathers knew and understood.

I would be honored to serve you as a Director of the VMCA.

David Percival #3
PO Box 366
Andover, ME 04216
207 392 3231

Todd Rasmussen: OKC, OK

I never had a motorcycle as a child. For me, it was always hot rods.

When I was 41, and while I was building street rods, I lived next door to Paul’s BuMW. (That’s the way he spelled the name of his business)

There were people there from all over the world nearly all the time.

One winter when I was out of work, I went over to help Paul out by sorting through a huge pile of parts he had recently gotten in. Paul paid me with a slash five café racer.

In the early 1990’s, I worked for an Aston martin collector in OKC, and gained considerable experience restoring high dollar collector cars to above 99 point status.

In 1995 a close friend died in an accident. He had accumulated a large supply of BMW bikes and parts. I agreed to liquidate the bikes for the family. I bought the remainder of the pile that did not sell, and eventually got hooked on restoring old BMW’s, which I continue to this day as both a hobby and as an income.

I grew up in St Paul, Minnesota. I spent two years as a student at the University of Minnesota. During the decade of 1970-80 I got deep into the music business by opening and promoting music halls for arts and entertainment.

I moved to the former State capital Guthrie, Oklahoma in 1983. I got on the board of directors of the Guthrie Chamber of  Commerce. I became involved in town restoration and in organizing annual car shows.

I continue to serve on the Guthrie Arts and Humanities Council, and work through the Pollard Theater in Guthrie, where we sponsor about twelve plays annually.

I believe my wide interests plus mechanical, social and political experience will help me give fair and balanced service to the members of the VMCA.

Todd Rasmussen #85
PO Box 18882
OKC, Oklahoma
405 769 1179
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Richard Sheckler: Wayne, OH

I have been active in the vintage BMW scene since the summer of 1976. At this time, I joined the BMW MOA and shortly afterward, the VBMWMO, Ltd.

That same year, Bill Kuhlman and I hosted the 1st Annual Midwest Vintage BMW Motorcycle Meet at Grand Rapids, Ohio.

During this time, I became Membership Secretary for the VBMWMO, Ltd., a post I held until 1982.

1984 was the last year I took part in the Midwest Meet at Grand Rapids. Bill Kuhlman and Ed van Rossen hosted one more meet in 1985.

I resumed hosting the annual meets at Grand Rapids in September of 1993 until the meet site went up for sale. We moved to Fremont, Ohio in 2000, and had to move again when the owners went through a divorce.

Two years ago, my wife Cindy and I hosted the 1st Annual VMCA Meet at Steubenville, Ohio (It’s really at Toronto, Ohio, but the name of nearby Steubenville sounds better).

During the summer and fall of 2003, John Harper and John Swift urged me to found a new organization devoted to serving the members of the vintage BMW community. In December of 2003, I mailed out invitations to about three-hundred people I knew who might be interested in founding a new organization.

On January 17th, 2004, thirteen of us met in a motel conference room in Lexington, KY. We spent nearly as many hours in that room making decisions about whether or not to found a new club, or approach the leadership of the existing VBMWMO, Ltd. and offer a plan for reform.

We chose the latter with the provision that if our offer was rejected, we would proceed with the new organization.

Today, I research and restore BMW motorcycles as a hobby. These machines were built to last and be serviced by a wide variety of mechanics and owners in the remotest parts of the world. I firmly believe that today’s owners, are fully capable of learning how to service and if need be, restore their own BMW’s.

There is a growing interest in these machines, plus a growing accumulation of misinformation and just plain bad advice available to confuse and mislead unwary owners.

It is the responsibility for those of us who have the knowledge and experience with these fine old machines, to pass what we know on to others who are eager and willing to learn, or who have a need to know how to repair and restore their BMW’s.

I currently hold an appointed position in the BMW VMCA, write for, edit and publish the newsletter you are reading.

Richard Sheckler #1
146 E. Bryant  Box 235
Wayne, OH 43466
419 288 3420
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Bill Venable: Kansas City, MO

I am 61 years old and came to vintage BMW's late compared to other directors and founders of BMW VMCA. I have always had a love for vintage things and when I got back into motorcycles in the eighties, I began looking for British bikes that I had known as a young man.  I soon learned that they were not as fast as I remembered but they were as reliable as I remembered. I purchased my first BMW, a 1974 R90S in 1990. It was faster and much more dependable that any Brit bike I had ever been on. I was hooked. I have owned a number of BMW's since I purchased the R90S. I currently have two 1952 R68s, a 1967 R69S, and my 1974 R90S. With a great deal of help from other members of the BMW VMCA I am able to maintain them. 
I would like to remain a director of the BMW VMCA.

Bill Venable #5
7051 Ward Pkwy
Kansas City, MO 64113
816 926 0409
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Jack Wells: Lake City, FL

I'll try to give you a short run down on my involvement with BMW's for the last 30 + years, and why I would like an opportunity to serve as a Director of our Association.

My riding and motorcycle interest started when I was twelve, when I purchased, (for $5.00), a clapped out Cushman Ice-cream cart, (three wheeler), without the knowledge, or permission of my parents.  (Don't all mothers say "NO, You may NOT have a motorcycle!!") ?  I rode this around on the sand roads and rail road beds of Tybee Island, GA for several summers, until it died, and was abandoned along a beach road.   Two summers of fun for $5.00.  My High School years were spent in Military School in Gainesville, GA, (for similar pranks), and there was no chance of a bike from then until after college.

After college I joined the US Navy's Flight Program, and after Indoctrination and Ground School at Pensacola, I moved to Saufley Field for T-34 training and then on to Whiting Field, at Milton FL, for T-28 training.  It was here, at Milton, that I purchased my first New motor cycle, a 1963 Ducati Dianna.   A few months later it proved too anemic for me so I sold it and bought a 1953 Harley KHK 750 flat head, with lots of power.  I enjoyed the HD for a couple of years, but sold it to pay other bills as I would be flying "Overseas" for a few years.

After getting out of the Navy I joined a small cargo airline,  Seaboard World Airlines, and started flying right back to South East Asia, and Vietnam, with military cargo and munitions, in a Canadair CL-44, (4 engine turboprop aircraft), and then Douglas DC-8's.  I was laid off, with about ten other pilots, at the end of 1967, but found work at another small carrier, Trans Caribbean Airways, in January of 1968, flying  DC-8's again to Vietnam.  Trans Caribbean was bought by American Airlines in 1970, and so ended my Vietnam and Asian flying experience.  

I flew Boeing 727, 707, A300-600 Airbuses, and DC10-10's and -30's, domestically and internationally for American until I retired in 2002.

Now, to digress just a bit. In 1974, while on an overnight in Phoenix, AZ I visited with my cousin.  He was a rider, and had ridden a '59 R-26 single in the desert as a "dirt bike" until it died. It lay forlornly, on a scrap metal pile in his back yard.  I had a friend back East who was a Beemer rider and I asked him about acquiring the R-26 to restore.  He said "get it", so my next trip to Phoenix, and a $100. dollars later, I shipped the bike East for restoration.  That was to be the beginning of a very long "love affair", (Often thought of as a "serious disease") with BMW's and other wonderful marques.

By the time I retired from American, I had gathered quite a collection of BMW singles.  I had collected all the models of singles, except the rare and elusive, R-39.  I now have most of the /series of the R-2 and R-4 and all of the R-25's.  I love to display and talk about the little single cylinder BMWs at the rallies and shows, and enjoy seeing others get a kick out of, and learn about their own singles part in BMW’s long motor cycle history.

I am remiss in not mentioning my wife, Judie. We have been married 40 years. She has always enabled me in the pursuit of fine German Iron, and other motorcycles, and she has never said NO.  She is most supportive in our hobby.

We have traveled the Hemisphere and overseas together on our bikes, always keeping an eye open for the old time Beemers, while enjoying our travels, (over 700K to date).  We want to tour Europe and Asia, and on around the world in our retirement.  

To close out let me say that it would be an honor to serve the people, who have put so much enjoyment into my life, being a part of the antique and classic BMW Veteran community.  Having been in the military, an airline captain, a small business owner, (excavating company), past President of the North American Airline Ski Federation, (and Technical Director of Racing for three years), and involved in motorcycling, touring, vintage and antique collecting, sidecarring, and rallies, shows, and Museums),  I believe that I possess the qualifications and quality of interests to be a Director of our BMW VMCA.  I hope you will feel the same way.  Thank you for your consideration and votes.

Jack Wells   #27
207 SW Confederate Glen
Lake City, FL 32025
386 719 2411
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Bruce Williams: Cortland, OH

I got my first bike in 1960 at the age of 12, a mini bike, but it was enough to give me the fever. Started racing Husqvarna dirt bikes from 73 til 82. Mostly scrambles and enduros. While at the dirt bike shop in 75, my truck was blocked in, so a pal said "take my BMW to the bank", it was a R-69-S. I liked it, went to the local BMW dealer, asked if they knew of one for sale, they did, and I bought it. Still have it, a 69 R-69-US, my first street bike. By now the fever was terminal, and several hundred bikes have gone thru the garage. Now down to about 20, Husky, Horex, NSU, Austro Omega, 9 BMW's and a couple of Indians. Have hosted the Allegheny Valley Vintage Meet at our summer home in the hills of western Pa.
for 22 years. Attend every vintage motorcycle function as is humanly possible.

Bruce Williams
P O Box 386
Cortland, OH 44410-0386
330 638 5666
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