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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Membership Renewals

For some of us, it is that time of the year…membership dues renewal.  

If you joined us before January 1st of this year, and received both 2004 issues of the VMCA News, your membership stipend is probably due at this time. 

Membership renewals are based from your first newsletter date.  

Of course, you may always send in your membership dues early. 

Annual dues are still $25.00 in the US and $35.00 in all other countries. 

We really need your support in order to better serve the interests of the vintage BMW community.  

I hope you choose to remain with us and help us grow.


Your Ideas Count!

Please take this opportunity to make suggestions on improving our newsletter, member services and area events. 

I already volunteered when I sent in my application. Nada! What Gives? 

I apologize to all of you who have offered your services at the time you joined us. I haven’t forgotten the wealth of volunteers listed in the stack of applications sitting in front of me at this moment. I know you’re there!


Every time I prepare to go back through the stack, another urgent matter comes up, and must be dealt with.


Sometimes I feel like I am up to my waist in alligators.



I’d Like to write a story about my experiences. Will you print it?  

Please submit your stories. That is what the VMCA News, and this club is about: people in the vintage BMW community. We are more than the bikes we play with, restore, show and ride.


As a whole, we are far greater than the sum of all of our parts. 




Richard Sheckler


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