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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

 Driveshaft Coupling

“The original drive shaft on my R60 US is binding and needs to be rebuilt.”           

“In the meantime I have a used one (from a wrecked 1958 R50) and I have been advised to:

A. Use lapping compound to lap the interface between the coupling bell and the shaft.

B. Use Locktite on the interface when fitting.”           

“The carb lever tops are in good condition except that the tickler shaft crimp is worn away and can no longer keep the washer/spring in place. Any repair suggestion?”



Good idea to lap the two parts, bad idea to use Locktite. Locktite will still act as a lubricant and keep the two parts from mating.           

Tickler shafts can be saved in two ways: Either drill a small hole (#60 is small enough) and run a small cotter pin through it, or put the shaft in a drill press and cut a slight groove in it at the place where the crimp was. When the tickler is in place, crimp a small piece of wire around it at the groove and clip off the excess length. It should hold.


Hi Richard,            

I am hoping to finish the R5 this year so it is ready for its 70th anniversary.            

I have a write-up on how to remove-install the crank from the block. A restoration story may be possible.            

If you would like to send some information about the VMCA, here is my address. Thank you.

Brock Downey
Calgary, Alberta  

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