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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Dirrigl Engine, by Tom Bridgers


Dear Richard,


            We have not been introduced but somehow I do feel like I know you. My name is Tom Bridgers and recently, I bought John Lacko's Dirrigl Head engine (DOHC). By now I figured the cat was out of the bag (although John has protected my anonymity) and that the fires had cooled off.


            John tells me that you are interested in an article on the engine. I think that would be fun. I'm a little reclusive as far as showing bikes and going to Nationals as trophies don't mean anything to me and neither do politics. I do this because I love it and enjoy sharing my experiences with others interested in the hobby. It's also one of the reasons I joined the BMW VMCA.



BTW: If John hadn't explained the background of the purchase, here it is:

John and I had discussed the purchase of this engine along with his R69US (Turf Green) bike a good while before any of the parts hit e-bay. In fact, I had already agreed to purchase the R69-S and was awaiting his go ahead to pick it up. I figured it would be a good bookend to the R60US I have owned since 1994 that is also Turf Green.


            As he and I discussed after the e-bay debacle, one of us was talking and the other was listening but we were both were hearing something different. It's funny how phone conversations get diluted and what one person heard or what the other didn't comprehend is often the end result. John is a private person and I don't like to push myself on anyone so our mutual lack of aggressiveness played some role in the mishap.



            As it were, John and I talked the day the stuff hit e-bay and he agreed that it was a screw up on his ("our" - my version) part and that I should have every opportunity to buy his project. You see, I not only bought the engine but also all of the other parts I had "watched" him collect for his Zabrocky Frame Conversion that he had told me about well over a year ago. So, in a nutshell, I bought everything and he pulled the ads. I believe he was somewhat relieved that the parts were not scattered to the winds because it had taken some effort on his part to put all of this together and now there was the possibility that his "dream" might get completed.


            It was an uncomfortable time for him and while he's fine about it I know it was surely tough to answer all the questions regarding "why" it was taken off of e-bay.











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