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Monday, 02 April 2012

‘S’ Model Steering Dampener

   Hi Vech, 

      Can you tell me what the ring is in smaller drawing?  (#12) 

       Also, see photo, one of these steering dampener parts must be for an R69S, but which? What's the other one for? 


       Well, I'm getting close on both questions, what I found so far:

      BMW's ETK program shows them, but does not give any part numbers since these parts are not available new.  The Diagram below is ETK.

           It shows up in this diagram as #12 and the part number is 11 33 0 534 332 used both on the R50S and R69S called a "spring washer".

      And, those two brackets, that are different, and I bet one is is early and one is late. since in this diagram, it shows both #18 and #28 so there are two different ones.

       #28 is 31 42 2 054 271 is for the R50S AFTER engine # 565635 on and R69S AFTER engine 657824

      Curiously #18 does not seem to have any part number that I can find anywhere.


Treasurer’s Report

   1/1/2011- 2/29/12

        Opening bank balance was $2,545.47. Our income for the period was $5,607.65, consisting primarily of membership dues, back issues of the magazine, and donations.

        Our expenses for the period were $6401.65. Included in this were: Printing of newsletters, 3,421.32; postage, 1,748.58; office supplies, 411.62; bank fees, 33.00; sign, tent and porta-john rental, 736.77; and miscellaneous, 50.36.

        We gained 28 new members during this 14-month period.

        Closing bank balance for the period was $1,751.47.

 Carol G. Simpson


An Appeal, Please Read

         Note the above bottom line: $1751.47  This is slightly more than we need to write, publish and mail one issue of the News.

        The obvious is we need funds or we put out no newsletters. Right now we have enough funds to print and mail the copy you are reading.

        Personally, I do not like the idea of raising the amount for annual dues. We can sustain ourselves with a larger membership.

         Remember that to publish each issue of the News costs us approximately $900.00, whether we print one hundred issues or five hundred. Right now we have less than three hundred dues paying members. Increasing our membership will offset our operating costs without the need for raising the rate.

      There are two things you can do:

          1). Pay your dues on time or in advance (see the label on your newsletter envelope).

         2). Help recruit new members, or encourage known past members to support us by rejoining our ranks.

        One argument often encountered is: “I don’t join clubs because I’m not a club person. I already have the tools I need and know all I need to know about old BMWs.”

         It is difficult to overcome this position, even when it is pointed out that the reason for joining has more to do with supporting our efforts to provide education and assistance to others who really can use it.

          What is curious is that some folks who are non-joiners for the above reasons call or visit me with the purpose of asking for the very things we as a club already provide.  It’s a tough sell.

        Can advertising help? Look at the ads in other publications. They must work or those publishers wouldn’t use them.

        This is an interesting proposition. Let’s look at it.

        Each page of the News costs $87.05 collectively by the time it finds its way into your mailboxes. That means if we charge a firm that amount for a one page ad, we break even, and if we charge twice that amount, we are $87.05 ahead of the game. Fine so far?

        Advertisers are primarily interested in circulation. They look at the amount it will cost them to reach a prospective buyer for their products.

        For example, an advertiser might be willing to pay $1200.00 to reach 65,000 readers, or $.54 per prospective buyer. If an advertiser wants to reach our 275 readers, he will have to pay us $148.50 at that rate, leaving us with $61.45 to the good.

        How many of us would be willing to forfeit a single page of the News in order that the club would come out sixty one bucks ahead? And for a duplicate of an ad we can find in the RA or MOA magazines most of us already read?

         Our readers are aware that there are only twenty pages in each newsletter with nearly no wasted space. That’s because we are dedicated to delivering material you can sink your teeth into.

       Please do what you can to promote the VMCA.

        Without your efforts and support, we cannot exist as a club.

   Richard Sheckler

   Stolen Bike

         BMW R60/2 1969 VIN # 1811647 STOLEN from barn in Chapel Hill - Pittsboro area of NC fall of 2011

        Bike was stored - needs work.  Gummed-up tank, rusty mufflers and rims.

        All original except for lower handlebars and a small, black RIFLE fairing.

        I've owned this bike since 1979.

        I have key, title and good photos.


 Chatham Co. N. Carolina Sheriffs office


 Rick Barnett


       We will gladly install your description and VIN on our VMCA site listing it as stolen.

       Please oblige yourself to notify us if your bike is found.

       Note: This bike or parts of it might turn up at a swap meet. Please, let’s keep our eyes open.       ED

  A Thought

   Our member Walter Smith tells us that, “Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year!” 

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