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Friday, 04 April 2008

Greetings Gentle Reader,      

Welcome to the second issue of the VMCA News.     

VMCA News Developments: In this issue we are adding ‘The Orphaned Stepchild’, a column for those of us who have interests in other boxer engine bikes such as Zündapp  and Ratier.     

The ‘Orphaned Parts’ list: Todd Rasmussen has come up with an idea that I hope catches on. This will be a live listing of  serial numbered parts. There will be ‘parts wanted’ listed in one column such as unmatched frames and engines. In the opposite column would appear a list of  unmatched parts offered for sale or trade. The list becomes updated as information is submitted.      

Charter member Ken Danzey donated a transmission tool to get our ‘tool loan’ program underway. As we build our tool inventory, we should be able to offer shop tools needed to rebuild most models from 1936 on. More on this as it develops.     

Chris Betjemann suggested we begin collecting material for a ‘photo library’ We realize that not everyone has access to a computer, or those who do might not have DSL or cable. Telephone dial-up is slow and prone to ‘crashing’. You would have access to the information in our proposed library by telephone, e-mail or snail-mail. If what you need is available, we’ll copy it and mail it out to you. Tell us if you have access to a computer or not. The information can then be sent on a CD, or we’ll copy it out on paper and mail it. The library information will eventually be made available on our website, which is currently under construction. Jean-Daniel Chambaz in Switzerland has already donated a CD with about eighty highly detailed photos of an original R24. We have another with about twenty-five photos of an original Series III R11.  Send in your requests and photos so we can know what you have and need.     

Newsletter Layout: Dick Bullock of Priest River, Idaho suggested, ‘...organize appropriate materials...especially tech material according to some identified grouping that would allow readers to know what does and does not apply to their particular bike.’ He’s right. It should make parsing the newsletter easier.      


Fred Jakobs, of the BMW Archives tells us the following about our club logo:     

“Concerning the picture I have these informations:     

The woman is Marianne Weber, a Journalist from Belgium. She tested the R68 for the French magazine "MOTORCYCLE" (issue 81/August 18th, 1952) and achieved a top speed of more than 160 km/h and gave the proof, that the R 68 was a real 100-mph-racing-bike.     

The photo was made by "R.G.Everts"  in April 1952. Marianne Weber (later) achieved 162,895 km/h (101,24 mph) in a "kilometer lancé nearby the City of Waterloo in Belgium, 1954.      

Best regards and good luck with your Club     


Our club charter calls for elections of officers after an interim period of six months from the date we began functioning as a club. (a copy of the charter is available to anyone. Please compensate for our expenses with $3.00 for paper and postage. E-files are available at no charge).      

If you are interested in serving as a Director or other position, or know someone who would be delighted to serve, please advise us of your nomination. Don’t be shy!     

Tech Articles: Write something about your experiences in repairing, restoring, or maintaining your bikes and send it in. We’ll print it.     

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