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Wednesday, 04 April 2012

by Vech

       Forgive me for talking about oil. This subject is not a good one, but I feel compelled to tell everyone.

        For several years I have been advocating, and using, Shell Rotella T oil, (straight 40 and straight 30w) due to it's high ZDDP content.

        Shell went and ruined it, changed the formula. Rotella T-1 now has approx 65 % less ZDDP in it.

        So, I have stopped selling it, using it, or recommending it.

        I have found another brand, which is still reasonably priced, (for 2012 anyway) and that is Valvoline VR-1 oil. 1800 ppm of ZDDP, and it does not have stellar costs as some of the ‘designer specialty’ oils do. And...... It is available in straight 30 and straight 40 weight.

        I now have it on the shelf, and have switched to VR-1 oil in BMW engines.   


Sturgis, MS
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