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Saturday, 07 April 2012

     The logo that you guys used of the original photograph is amazing. I have a journalist friend from The Vintagent that is trying to find Marianne Weber and do an interview, you would not happen to have any information about her whereabouts would you?


 Shane Balkowitsch

 Bismarck, ND

   Hi Shane,

        Thank you for your inquiry.

      Sorry, we have no contact information on Marianne Weber. Suggest you try BMW, contact Frederick Jakobs at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

       Desiree Harper conceived the first logo of Marianne Weber using a brush and ink.  The logo was subsequently redrawn with a felt pen on vellum when we published the first issue of the VMCA News.

       We needed something, and considering that we wanted to include women equally in our organization, the Weber image fit in nicely. Everyone and their cousins were using one form or another of the blue and white roundel, legally or otherwise.

        If you would like to see an article on your bike in our news letter, please write something about it and yourself and e-mail it to us.

        If your friend learns anything about Ms. Weber, please ask him/her if it can be shared.

       By the way, membership is $25 per year. The money collected from members is used to print the newsletter and support the website. We are strictly non-profit. Our mission is to provide the information those of us have gathered over the years that we have been active with these old machines, making it available to everyone in the community.

         Nothing is hidden and there are no membership requirements to read our newsletter on line.

        Other benefits include a free shop tool loan which includes some expensive and highly specialized shop tools. The only cost to a borrower is postage. For this, membership is required.

  Best Regards,


   Reply from Fred Jakobs: 

        Unfortunately we don’t have a contact address for Marianne Weber. I’m not sure if she is still alive or dead. The picture was made in 1951 and I think she was in her middle twenties at this time so she must be 85 or older.

        The only information I have that is she was from Belgium and worked as a freelancer for several newspapers.         

        That’s all I know about her.

    Best regards,

    Fred Jakobs

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