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Sunday, 26 June 2011


by Kevin Brooks


     Hope you like the article and can use it. The other thing I wanted to offer for publication in the newsletter Is a pet project of mine which I have been working on for a couple of years: A repro camshaft driven Tachometer. Inspired in large part by the racing effort and our need to monitor engine speed during the runs, and also because I've noticed that having a tach on my street bikes changes how I ride as well as adding to the enjoyment of the experience. It is also a very useful tool when coaching others on riding parameters, since there is such a strong tendency for riders to lug these machines. And without a tachometer there is no quick and easy way to tell where you are in the powerband. Racing improves the breed in more ways than one!


    Rob Billington has done a fabulous Video of the unit, the installation, and some other data; and you can watch it by going to my website and clicking on 'Race Videos'. Then click on Rob Billington's name and that will take you to his VIMEO page where he has posted it. Simply click on the tack video and it will load and play. We have not yet posted it to our website as I have been getting more road testing in on the unit, but we are now ready to post it and offer it for sale. My initial batch of 6 units has already been sold, two of them being installed on my own machines. And we are now gearing up for the 2nd batch. The cost for the complete unit is $ 695.00 - Tack instrument with mount, drive box and cable. I can offer drilling of the customers front chest cover for $100.00, insured return shipping included.


     I am now taking orders for the 2nd batch of 10 units, but they will not be ready for about 8-10 weeks. There is a considerable amount of machining which has to be done to the drive boxes, and we are making a new ‘quill’ (the centerpiece) for the box as well.


     I strongly urge that the customer have their existing cover drilled as opposed to any other option simply because it is so difficult to match the patina of their engine with a cover of a different source.


     I recognize that this is more of a commercial article than the norm, but the enthusiastic response from the local Vintage BMW crowd here in the Seattle area indicates to me that there is a real interest in this project. Let me know what you think.


     We have a bunch of still images which I can forward, and you can pick from them for illustration in the Newsletter, if you would like to run them.


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