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Saturday, 25 June 2011


by Bob Zronek


Last summer started off like so many others, first it’s Vech’s, then Rhinebeck the best AMCA meet ever. A couple years ago I met David Segal of Emmerson Motor Works selling his Beemer parts. We chatted about /2 and 3, so every year since I made it a point to look for him and naturally his beloved old parts.



This year Richard Sheckler and I went on a little ‘stop by and see how some of our members are doing’ trip, while killing time in New England, a great place to kill some time with old bikes. It was very cool to stay with our brothers and get to know them better. So we happened to see Dave peddling his stuff at Rhinebeck and discussed our loosely planed agenda after the Meet. Well, Dave talked us into dropping by his place near Rochester, Vermont and stay a day or two, take a tour of his parts stash, and various projects.  


We got up to Rochester looking for the big barn Dave described, and the black sign supposed to be out front, all in the dark.



We covered a few extra miles for sure but it all turned into a lot of laughs later. Dave showed up about a half hour or so after we arrived, he gave us a room with two beds for the night. In the morning we got the ten cent tour. He had a lot of parts and projects and loved to show you everything. That shop truly was his life and he loved it. We had coffee together shot the bull a lot and a business opportunity came up and Dave suggested changing plans, he had to take care of few things so we went to town for chow, an old store front, Hippy type folks and great cooks. That was the last time I saw Dave. I used to call him Bugsy Segal like the old untouchables gangster. He thought that was funny. I liked him, I’ll miss him.

See ya down the road Dave at the big BEEMER swap Meet in the sky. 


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