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Friday, 26 June 2009

by Bob Zronek

Dear Friends,

I hope all of you have had as great of a start of the season as I have had. Last year I missed Vech’s meet, and also Barber’s, the two best events of the year.

This year I rode down with Richard Sheckler. We delivered a beautiful R 25/3 for a fellow member, and I took my old 62 R60/2. We left a little late as the little single was not quite ready to go, some parts were delivered late and we stayed in the shop to finish up.  I had a chance to watch Richard do his magic under the gun; it was worth the delay, not to mention it was raining. We left the next morning in perfect weather.

As some of you know I lean a little to the left politically but not too far, and Richard a little to the right. I wondered how that would play out during a long haul. I took the first turn at the wheel on the left side of the truck, later Richard took the wheel on the left, which put me on the right where we solved most of the worlds troubles without drawing any blood, most cool, aaah!

We took the Natchez trace from Nashville Tenn. The Dogwoods were in bloom and things were a lot greener than back in northern Ohio. I have ridden the trace from Tupelo to Natchez in the past but never saw the start in Nashville.

We arrived at Bench Mark Works in time to capture a few needed parts at the best swap meet I have been to in a long time, lots of good stuff. We ate a lot of great southern cuisine. The bar BQ pork was exceptional and the chicken was  merely OK. Breakfast couldn’t have been any better. I never order eggs scrambled at a restaurant because they always overcook them to death and burn them. But these were just right and I ate so much I had to skip lunch.

It was great to see old friends and get acquainted with new ones. I had a little too much Gentlemen Jack to drink Friday night with a few new friends, but recovered Saturday morning at breakfast.

There was so much to see and talk about, winters in Ohio last way too long.

And I got a look at Chris and Barbara Betjemann’s   new /2 book. I am looking forward to reading it. It has 500 some pages and I hope my head will hold all that knowledge.

It was something to see so many R 12s and R5s and all the other black beauties. And a great big thank you to Vech and Elaine for having us all. They always make us feel like family or better.

The club meeting was the most productive club meeting I have ever attended. The members all made constructive points to make things better. I am proud to be a member of the BMW VMCA.

Vech showed off some new products, like Albert long stem, and bar end mirrors, plus long out of stock switches.  

Oh yeah, as I said, I missed last year’s meet, and what a difference the new house, the lake, huge barn to park our bikes in makes. It’s FIRST CLASS all the way! The place looks great. The weather was the best I ever saw in Mississippi. We had a light rain and packed up wet Sunday morning. I would have to say this meet should be the Benchmark for meets to come. I hope I never have to miss another one.

On our ride home on the Trace we saw a lot of wild Turkeys, and a few deer. The trees were a lot greener, otherwise nothing too exciting until we came up on a wreck. I guess falling trees have the right of way. A Nissan something or other (I don’t care much about cages especially import cages) was heading north when a tree crashed down in front of them, and on the wet road they couldn’t stop in time to miss it. The road was blocked and the cell phones were out of range. Everyone on the scene pitched in to clear the road. A guy with a big Ford 4/4 pushed the tree as far off as he could. He had a big bow saw which Richard grabbed and used to  hack off a bunch of limbs. We pushed the car off the road and kicked the scattered junk to the shoulder. The driver was shook up but not hurt, his little girl in the back seat in a proper kids chair had a little scrape and bump. We called for help a few miles down the road.

All in all I can’t think of anything that would have made the trip better, except maybe if we could have ridden our bikes all the way down to Sturgis.

I missed a few faces this year, I hope they are OK and make it to Barber and all the great BMW VMCA events.

Many thanks to Vetch & Elaine and their staff. I picked up a lot of parts for my newest project at a real nice savings.

Twice along the way home guys stopped at gas pumps to ask us if we wanted to sell our bikes. I guess the day of the old BMW is really here. See you all down the road

Bob Zronek

Ediror’s Note: I thoroughly enjoyed the trip down and back with my slightly left leaning pardner, a retired union man.

It wasn’t exactly like Hannity and Colmes, but we sure had a lively time of it.

Richard Sheckler

The Book We’ve Been Waiting For

Barbara and Chris Betjemann brought several prepublication copies of their forthcoming book, titled: “BMW /2 Motorcycle restoration Manual”

Many at the meet had a chance to peruse some of this work’s nearly 500 pages and examine first hand an overwhelming amount of information that the Betjemanns have gathered and meticulously wrote out in this book.

The Betjemanns have been working on this manual for close to three years. It is packed with photographs and detailed step by step instructions on how to perform every standard shop procedure required to restore your BMW Earles twin.

Finally, a BMW restoration book that actually tells you how to restore your bike!

Many of us paid for pre-publication  copies of this book nearly a year ago. Be patient. The book is coming along, being printed and will be mailed out to you.

If you have yet to order your copy, they will be available soon.  Contact the Betjemanns at:

Barrington Motor Works
90 Canaan Back Road
Barrington, NH 03825
603 664 2673
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Richard Panuski relaxes while an interested onlooker ponders a semi restored basket case R27:

Craig Vechorik and Chris Betjemann conducting an Educational Seminar:  (Photos VMCA News)

Breakfast at Elaine & Vech's: (Photo: VMCA News)

R5 owned by Buddy Butler.  Restored by Todd Rasmussen.  (Photo: Dave Carmean)

Our host Craig Vechorik hams for the camera with a few prize possessions, including the R12 he purchased only moments before this photo was taken:  (Photo: VMCA News)

Afternoon Meal:  (Photo: Bob Zronek)

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