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Written by Brian Bailey   
Saturday, 21 February 2009
Let's say you have an engine sitting in your garage, and you'd like to find the frame that it came out of. It would be a long shot that someone has already listed the frame, but check anyway. Then ( it probably wasn't there ) e-mail your request to the address below along with your intentions and we will post the information.

Here's another scenario: Maybe you don't need that engine and you'd be interested in passing it along ( that translates as 'selling, swapping or through moments of generosity, giving'). Hopefully, someone out there has the original frame and will see your posting. They will be able to contact you directly through your e-mail. Of course, you know how to take it from there.

Oh, you are doubtful about this working at all? Believe me, I found an original 1938 engine and returned it to the frame that it came with when new. That was before the orphaned parts list, which is meant to aid us in these sorts of challenges.

If you do find a frame or engine in this list that you've been looking for and make contact to bring them together, please email me so that we can then remove the entry from this list.

Richard Sheckler  rishelavernehotmailcom

Searching for an orphaned engine or frame in Europe? Have a look at the "BMW Einzylinder-Zentrum" orphan list at this website:

ModelFrame S/NEngine S/NIntentionContact
R24 202767Engine available for matching frame.rishelavernehotmailcom
R25 221794Seeking matching frame.feracifasthotmailcom
R25 235528  Seeking matching engine. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R25238440 Seeking matching engine.feracifasthotmailcom
 Frame available for matching engine.
R25/2253646 Frame available for matching engine.rishelavernehotmailcom
R25/2259876 Frame available for matching engine.rishelavernehotmailcom
R25/2275129 Frame available for matching engine.rishelavernehotmailcom
R25/2  276422 Engine available. ghutchinpacbellnet 
R25/3296195 Frame available for matching engine.rishelavernehotmailcom
R25/3 298074  Frame available for matching engine. motonitgmailcom 
R25/3 307070Engine available for matching frame.rishelavernehotmailcom
R25/3328939 Seeking matching engine. mcclymontxplornetcom 
R26 348341Bare engine case available.mcclymontxplornetcom
R26 352615  Seeking matching engine. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
 Frame available for matching engine.
Steering stem badge available.
R27  381486 Engine, drivetrain, sheet metal, nameplate, title available thickosehaskelmsncom 
R27 382422  Frame available for matching engine. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
ModelFrame S/NEngine S/NIntentionContact
R51 503852 503852Steering stem badge available. garysandbergmindspringcom
R51/2518052518052Title, no frames or enginesw6recsbcglobalnet
R51/2520020 Seeking matching engine. gminckefrontiernetnet
R51/3  522447 Seeking matching frame. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R51/3 522738 522738 Steering stem badge available. garysandbergmindspringcom 
R51/3 523211  Frame available for matching engine.beckermotorworksyahoocom
R51/3  523462 Empty case available. monsondyahoocom 
R51/3524216 Seeking matching engine.bmbbumpworkscom
R51/3  526297Seeking matching frame. tbounds02comcastnet 
R51/3  528602 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R51/3 530819Block available. "notes below"KevinBrooks_4msncom
R51/3 531359  Seeking matching engine chinchan22yahoocom 
 Seeking matching engine
R51/3  532330 Seeking matching frame. wallamancoxnet 
R51/3  533319 Engine available johnthaemlitzcom 
R51/3 533446  Frame available for matching engine.beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R51/3535018 Frame available for matching engine.beckermotorworksyahoocom
R51/3 535068Engine available for matching frame.bmbbumpworkscom
R51/3 538108Engine available for matching frame.beckermotorworksyahoocom
R51/3 538294 538294 Seeking this particular bike, all or part. dpandmemegalinknet
R51/3  538323 Engine available for matching frame chinchan22yahoocom 
R51/3538410 Frame available for matching engine.beckermotorworksyahoocom
R51/3  538598 Empty case available. monsondyahoocom 
R51/3 539131Empty case available.empzirconaolcom


539131 Seeking frame.empzirconaolcom
R51/3 539580 Frame available for matching engine. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R50  550012 Have engine; looking for frame. slash207731yahoocom 
R50  550293 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50  550367Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R50 551741  Seeking matching engine. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R50 552346 Looking for matching frame markschirmercomcastnet
R50  552411 Looking for matching frame bennsonicnet 
R50 552850 Engine case w/ bottom end only. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R50  553510 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50  555342 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50555569 Seeking matching engine.thornattyaolcom
R50  555947 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom
R50  557500 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50  557642 Engine available for matching frame. motonitgmailcom 
R50 558547  Seeking matching engine. mauiccolehawaiirrcom 
R50 559631  Seeking matching engine. tgacoxnet 
R50  559654 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50  560511 Seeking matching frame. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
Engine available for matching frame.
R50 560526Engine available for matching frame.rishelavernehotmailcom
R50  560680 Empty case.vechbenchmarkworkscom
R50  560831 Seeking matching engine. lub_sursbcglobalnet 
R50561212 For sale or trade. "OM' notes below"rishelavernehotmailcom
R50 561801Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R50 561828   Seeking matching engine  jlux105yahoocom 
R50  562601 Seeking matching frame jlux105yahoocom  
R50 562844  Seeking matching engine rabbie6hotmailcom 
R50S 564305  Seeking matching engine davebrownmotorworksnet
R50S  564844 Seeking matching frametdbridgecomcastnet
R50/2  630261 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50/2  630311 Engine case w/ bottom end only. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R50/2630311  Frame available. vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R50/2  630512 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50/2632769 Seeking matching enginetomr69syahoocom
R50/2  633658 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50/2  633669 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50US  635325 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R50/2 635732  Seeking matching engine. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50/2 636471 Seeking matching engine. danforcesportstrainingcom 
R50/2  636668 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom  
R50/2  637216 Engine case available. evanrossenmsncom 
R50/2  637663 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom  
R50/2  638201 Seeking matching frame. scoavemsncom 
R50/2 638246  Frame available OR seeking matching engine. gage.wagonergmailcom 
Case w/ bottom end, plus generator, clutch, and magneto. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R50/2  638304 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50/2 638325Block available. "notes below"KevinBrooks_4msncom
R50/2  638396 Seeking matching frame. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R50/2  638475 Empty case.vechbenchmarkworkscom 
 Seeking matching engine.
R50/2 638706 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R50/2638715  Frame available. vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R50/2 640165Block available. "notes below"KevinBrooks_4msncom
R50/2 641308Seeking matching framethornattyaolcom
R50/2641490 Seeking matching enginegus_gustantoyahoocom
R50/2  641621 Bare case available kschraderprodigynet 
R50/2  641866 Bare case available kschraderprodigynet 
R50/2 642012Bare casenathanboxerworks-servicecom
R50/2  642424 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50/2642895642895Seeking BOTH items.HTorbinaolcom
R50/2  642896 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50/2  644044Bare casenathanboxerworks-servicecom
R50/2  644322 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R50/2  644630 Bare case available kschraderprodigynet 
ModelFrame S/NEngine S/NIntentionContact
R67 610371Engine available for matching frame.beckermotorworksyahoocom
R67 613084  Frame available for matching engine johnthaemlitzcom 
R67/2  612551 Seeking matching frame. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R67/2 612554Seeking matching frame.dougbrashearyahoocom
R67/2 612700  Frame available for matching engine. beckermotorworksyahoocom
R67/2  612914Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom
R67/2 612933Engine available for matching frame.beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R67/2  614484 Engine case w/ bottom end only miracleavnaolcom 
R67/2 614681  Looking for matching engine. dougbrashearyahoocom 
R67/2614687 Frame available for matching engine. beckermotorworksyahoocom
R67/2 615670Engine available for matching frame.beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R67/2 616174  Seeking matching engine. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R67/2  617128 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom
R67/3617570617570Title, no frames or enginesw6recsbcglobalnet
Seeking matching frame.
R60 618059  Frame available. vechbenchmakworkscom
R60  618087 Engine available for matching frame jlux105yahoocom 
R60618209 Seeking matching engine.srmaierroadrunnercom
R60 618222  Seeking matching engine. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R60  618847 Seeking matching frame. rdperrysmithgmailcom 
R60 619125  Frame available. laufferfamilygmailcom 
R60 619499  Frame available. donlfootesbcglobalnet 
R60 619603Engine available for matching frame.kramershawmaccom
R60  619958 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60  620101 Empty case. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R60  620179 Engine available johnthaemlitzcom  
R60 620424  Frame available. sandbach_89yahoocom 
R60 620425 620425 Steering stem badge available. garysandbergmindspringcom 
R60  620681 Bare case available. kschraderprodigynet 
R60  620796 Seeking matching frame. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R60  620868 Engine available jlux105yahoocom 
R60 621118Block available. "notes below"KevinBrooks_4msncom
R60 621266Engine available for matching frame.rishelavernehotmailcom
R60  621448 Engine available for matching frame jlux105yahoocom 
R60/2 622192 Bare case.nathanboxerworks-servicecom
R60/2 622236  Seeking matching engine. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2  622316 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2  622491 Empty case with crankshaft.vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R60/2  622613 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2  622737 Empty case is available alfflashnet 
R60/2  622738 Looking for matching frame bennsonicnet 
R60/2  623199 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2 623596For sale or trade. "OM' notes below"rishelavernehotmailcom
R60/2  623659Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60/2 623789 Empty case. vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R60/2  -- FOUND --624111 Engine available for matching frame.               -- FOUND --
R60/2 624234  Frame available. vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R60/2 624301  Frame available; modded for VW motor. donlfootesbcglobalnet 
R60/2 624537  Rolling chassis available. georgeagvtccom 
R60/2 624917  Frame possibly available. bobbo29gmailcom 
R60/2 625615 Empty case. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R60/2 625645Block available. "notes below"KevinBrooks_4msncom
R60/2  625780Engine available for matching frame.beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60/2  625785 Engine case w/ bottom end only. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R60/2  625807 Bare case available for swap. willservaolcom 
R60/2  625815 Seeking matching frame (Dave Wade) rishelavernehotmailcom 
R60/2 625844  Looking for matching engine jlux105yahoocom 
R60/2 625870 Engine with no magneto or generator. vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R60/2  626117 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2  626175 Engine available for matching frame. jlux105yahoocom 
R60/2 626226Block available. "notes below"KevinBrooks_4msncom
R60/2 626234 Frame available. vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R60/2  626263 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60/2 626421 Empty case. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R60/2 627294Seeking matching engine.rishelavernehotmailcom
R60/2 627734For sale or trade. "OM' notes below"rishelavernehotmailcom
R60/2 627817  Seeking matching engine. sailjonzhotmailcom 
R60/2  627869Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60/2 627964  Seeking matching engine. russr2005yahoocom 
R60/2 629052 Engine available for matching frame. gminckefrontiernet 
R60/2 629120 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60/2  629685 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2   629854  Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom  
R60/2  629970 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2  1810578Empty case.vechbenchmarkworkscom
R60US  1810699 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60US1811138 Frame available for matching engine. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60US 1811197  Frame available for matching engine. beckermotorworksyahoocom
R60/2 1811422Engine available for matching frame.rishelavernehotmailcom
R60/2  1811507 Engine available for matching frame. rishelavernehotmailcom 
R60US  1811694 Engine available for matching frame.  beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60/2 1811817  Seeking matching engine. rdperrysmithgmailcom 
R60/2 1812044  Seeking matching engine. kdtciaolcom 
R60US  1812097 Engine available for matching frame.  beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60/2  1812266 Bare case available. willservaolcom 
R60/2 1812409Block available. "notes below"KevinBrooks_4msncom
R60US 1812458 Engine available for matching frame.  beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R60/2  1812486 Engine case w/ crankshaft only. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R60/2  1812914 Engine available for matching frame.  kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60US 1815321  Frame available for matching engine johnthaemlitzcom 
R60/2  1815285Empty case. vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R60/2 1815682  Frame available for matching engine. ptwestameritechnet 
R60/2  1815687 Engine available for frame cdlischyaolcom 
R60/2  1815772 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2  1817455 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2 1817542Engine available for frame CHNybergaolcom
R60/2  1817992 Engine available for matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R60/2 1818010Block available. "notes below"KevinBrooks_4msncom
R60/2 1818119  Seeking matching engine. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R60/2 1818518For sale or trade. "OM' notes below"rishelavernehotmailcom
ModelFrame S/NEngine S/NIntentionContact
R69 652442Seeking matching frame.srmaierroadrunnercom
R69  652547 Seeking matching frame. rishelavernehotmailcom 
R69  653066 Seeking matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R69 653636Bare case.nathanboxerworks-servicecom
R69 654021Seeking matching frame.rishelavernehotmailcom
R69 652525 Seeking matching frame. rishelavernehotmailcom 
R69  652547 Seeking matching frame. rishelavernehotmailcom 
R69  652694Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69 653025  Frame is available. aaronrhulebuckgmailcom 
R69  653044 Engine and transmission available. sandbach_89yahoocom 
R69 653065  Seeking machine engine. rishelavernehotmailcom 
R69  653556 Empty case available ronreutecomcastnet 
R69 653745 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69 654102Empty case. vechbenchmarkworkscom 
R69 654505Bare case.nathanboxerworks-servicecom
R69 654577  -- FOUND --Seeking matching engine.               -- FOUND --
R69S 655285Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S 655675For sale or trade. "OM' notes below"rishelavernehotmailcom
R69S  655684 Seeking matching frame. sailjonzhotmailcom 
R69S655686  Looking for matching engine markschirmercomcastnet 
R69S  655751 Looking for matching frame danforcesportstrainingcom 
R69S  655781 Engine available for matching frame.beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S 655857  Seeking matching engine.  sgraysd85bcca 
R69S  655897 Seeking matching frame.  sgraysd85bcca 
R69S  656142 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S 656446For sale or trade. "OM' notes below"rishelavernehotmailcom
R69S  656486 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S 656801 Engine available for matching frame.beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S 656870  Seeking matching engine. ebiz2271msncom 
R69S  656935 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S 657474Bare case.nathanboxerworks-servicecom
R69S 657496Bare case.nathanboxerworks-servicecom
R69S 657787  Seeking matching engine. scoavemsncom 
R69S 658471  Seeking matching engine. info72tiicom 
R69S 658558  Frame available for matching engine. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S  658657Bare case.nathanboxerworks-servicecom
R69S  658822 Empty case. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R69S 659212 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S 659231 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S 659446 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S  659477 Seeking matching frame. bmwcyclepartsgmailcom 
R69S 659618 Engine available for matching frame. beckermotorworksyahoocom 
R69S  659890 Seeking matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R69S  659970 Block available. "notes below" KevinBrooks_4msncom 
R69S660260 For sale or trade. "OM' notes below"rishelavernehotmailcom
R69S  660297 Seeking matching frame. bobbo29gmailcom 
R69S  660706 Seeking matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 


 660752Looking for matching framegus_gustantoyahoocom
R69S 660795  Frame available for matching engine. rishelavernehotmailcom 
R69S  661029 Bare case. nathanboxerworks-servicecom
R69S  661870 Engine case w/ bottom end only. vechbenchmarkworkscom
R69S 662214Bare case. nathanboxerworks-servicecom
R69S 662469Engine available for matching frame.beckermotorworksyahoocom
R69S  662472 Seeking matching frame. vittoriovalegmailcom 
R69S  662620 Seeking matching frame. kennethcsweetgmailcom 
R69S 664164Empty case.vechbenchmarkworkscom
R69S 665611  Seeking matching engine. kennethcsweetgmailcom  
R69US 665810  Seeking crank case. willservaolcom 
R69S  665929 Bare case available. willservaolcom 
ModelFrame S/NEngine S/NIntentionContact
R25/3 291150 291150 Kraftfahrzeugbrief - German papers pwheelertownispcom 
R51/2 518052 518052 Title, no frame or engine kschraderprodigynet 
R67/3 617570 617570Title, no frame or engine kschraderprodigynet
R60/2 622171 622171 ID plate, no frame or engine laufferfamilygmailcom 


641676641676ID plate, no frame or enginemotonitgmailcom
R69654513654513ID plate, no frame or enginemotonitgmailcom
R69S658854658854ID plate, no frame or enginemotonitgmailcom
R75/529701932970193Title, no frame or enginekschraderprodigynet
R90S 4070633 4070633 ID plate, no frame or engine 2valvemailcom

"OM": Owen Marshall.       Please contact Richard Sheckler  rishelavernehotmailcom for these cases and frame.  As long as there is an 'om' legend somewhere in the intentions box, I will know the stuff is Owen's. He believes a computer is something made by IBM, takes up a full city block and requires a team of specialists to operate. 'Richard'

Listed under KevinBrooks_4msncom:  I have the following blocks available. I have ascribed what I believe are the appropriate model designators but you may wish to double check these. Note that these are not 'motors' but are bare blocks with all the studs and the rear main bearing carriers installed. None are cracked or damaged in any way that I can see without a detailed inspection. Lets try and find homes for them.  THX   KB

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