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Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Tola Store Special Shop Tools

I recently purchased a full set of these tools. Actually, I bought their BMW line of tools. 
They make others.

They are being manufactured and sold by Angelika & Thorsten Lange.

These tools are designed to hold either an engine or transmission at the mating surfaces between these two parts. Please see photos below and below right.

The tools come close in concept to the original BMW factory shop tools. They are designed to be clamped to a work bench, but could easily be adapted to a floor stand, or holes drilled in the base and bolted to your work bench. Each of the different flanges are quite easily exchanged and fastened to the base.

The tools are heavily constructed and should still be in service when our great grandchildren inherit them. To put it another way, there is nothing flimsy about them.

Prices are reasonable for the quality. Because of the weight, getting them to the States will cost about half of the purchase price. I still think I got a bargain.

Flanges are currently available for R24 through R27, R75WH through R69S, Zündapp KS750 through KS601.

They offer additional tool holders for Simson AWO, BK350 and parts for Mercedes Benz and other types on request.

The following message is from the manufacturers:

Hello Richard,

I'm glad the surprise on the tools for you was positive.

I sent you two complete Holders and one additional flange. On each flange you will see the model type engraved on the front right bottom corner. There is one R25, one R75WH and one KS600. Flanges are interchangeable so I bolted the largest, the KS600 one to the R75. The R25 I packed separately.

Kindly assemble the holder and flange the way you will need them for your use.

Please carefully read safety advice to avoid accidents with heavy parts like complete engines on the holder.

I would appreciate your feedback after your first working hours with the tool to see if improvements should be made to the design.

Best Regards from Bavaria,
Angelika & Thorsten Lange

Tola Store
Martin-Schorer-Strasse 44
D-87719 Mindelheim
Phone   +49 - 8261 - 20952
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Zündapp KS750 engine and transmission
Shown mounted.

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