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Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Riding Out of the Storm
By Lori Ameling

The receding winter giving way to the gentle spring, makes all living things restless with thoughts of summer and with it comes the shedding of the gray stillness and silent cold.

I too become the restless beast, like a bored lion awaiting the next thrill of the hunt. With exalted joy my husband goes to the garage to start his BMW R-60, I stand at the ready waiting to ride along behind him, after his careful inspections and care we are off and my wings of freedom are spread wide into the open spanse of this great vast world.

All thoughts come to me as the wind hits my face, not thoughts of the mindless chaos of daily living but rather thoughts that seem to get lost upon it, time no longer has a hold and the future and past mold into the moment and nothing is as it was just seconds ago, no longer the worries of tomorrow or the mistakes of the past, just the calmness of what is.

Close my eyes and as if great wings take me into flight and I am no longer bound to the earthy umbilical of gravity, as I fly faster into this new world.

Sky above me and all around me no truer blue can there be, as it meets the fields of winter wheat that move in the wind as if a life has possessed it as it moves in waves shaking off the dust of its wintry sleep.

The song of birds becomes my song as the scent of life encompasses me, I feel it move through me as the wind becomes part of my skin.

Even though I know that this will end and the mundane chaos will once again rule the day, through all that I know without any doubt that I have truly found the bliss of freedom.

No greater place would I rather be than riding behind my husband on his BMW R-60.

Gibsonburg, OH

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