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Tuesday, 05 August 2008

April Meeting at Sturgis, MS

Sturgis, MS
April 22, 2006

On Saturday afternoon, we held an open meeting where anyone could offer their comments. Because we did not have a quorum of Directors, the meeting was informal.

The issue concerning our name was brought up during the Saturday meeting that, "we shot ourselves in the foot with the choice of the name 'Veteran'".

I disagree. Here's the way I see it:

Those who belong to the VMCA know who we are. Those who have never heard of us require an introduction, no matter what we call our organization. Most people see only 'BMW VMCA' in our name anyway.

So far, the only explanation why we should not have chosen the word 'Veteran' is that some people ask if former military service is a requirement for membership. It is not.

Many enthusiasts have had bad experiences with the VBMWMO and usually think at first that we could be no better. 'Once burned, twice shy'. We have to prove ourselves no matter what we call ourselves. We needed a name different enough from the VBMWMO to reduce some of the confusion in peoples minds between the two clubs.

The issue of our name was discussed extensively at Lexington, and approved unanimously by the delegates.

We are building on our reputation as an honorable and knowledgeable group, who by the way call ourselves the BMW Veteran Motorcycle Club of America. More and more people are accepting us for who we are.

The VBMWMO has acquired 12 new members between March 16th 2005 and December 31st.

We gained 116 new members during the same period, and another 57 since then.

As slow as our growth is, it is positive, and exceeds that of the VBMWMO by nearly ten to one. We must be doing something right.

Let us put this issue of our choice of the word ‘Veteran’ to rest once and for all.

The suggestion that our membership renewals should take place January 1st of each year was made, and we held a discussion on it.

I pointed out that it is much easier to log in each renewal as it comes in throughout the year, than to be buried in logging them during a one or two week period. More on this in the next column.

Our first annual election of Directors also took place at this time.

I’d like to thank the Interim Directors for their service with the VMCA and for taking part in this election.

We were assisted by five volunteers who counted ballots during the meeting.

Thirty-eight percent of our members responded by voting.

One hundred thirteen people sent in their ballots. One ballot was disqualified because the voter had listed ten instead of a maximum of nine candidates.

Because our charter calls for staggered terms, our first elected Directors will serve as follows:

The three Directors with the greatest number of votes each serve a three year term.  The second group of three Directors each serve two year terms.  The third group of three Directors each serve one year terms.

On Sunday morning, we held a meeting with a quorum of newly elected Directors. During this meeting, we amended the Charter to allow the Directors elected for less than three year terms to serve two additional full three year terms, waiving the maximum two term rule.


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