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Thursday, 31 July 2008


This is a layman’s understanding of what goes on in our magnetos.

When re-installing a magneto in a post 1950 twin, the flywheel timing mark should be set at ‘S’, which is the designated timing ignition at start-up, usually somewhere between 6 and 12 degrees before top dead center. See the factory manual for your engine.

Once the flywheel is set, the magneto and rotor are installed, the magneto body is centered halfway between the possible maximum points of rotation.

Before the body is locked down, turn the rotor until you see the radial line in the center of the ‘V’ notch at the top of the magneto body. Lock the rotor and magneto body down.

This is the ABRISZ point, or the point at which the magnetic flux would be at its strongest, creating the maximum amount of electricity as the rotor spins inside the magnetic fields, and consequently, produce the hottest spark.

Timing is set by rotating the points plate, or if you have a Pentacomm plate, by adjusting the points gap. The ABRISZ point is not affected by timing changes, because it is locked to the ‘S’ mark on the flywheel. The optimum spark is affected when the timing is changed, because it no longer occurs at ABRISZ.

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