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Thursday, 31 July 2008

 The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners makes a fundamental change.  

VMCA Director Chris Betjemann and I met with Jeff Yost, Managing Director for the VBMWMO in April of this year while at the Sturgis, MS Rally. Jeff explained that there would be major changes in the Vintage Club, and that they were going from a family owned corporation to a limited profit corporation that would now be owned and controlled by its membership.

Reincorporation and reorganization became official on May 13, 2005.      

Jeff Yost is now the Interim Managing Director, and Jeff Carpenter the Interim Editor. Yost, Carpenter and John Harper (Co-Founder of the VBMWMO) are members of the Board of Directors. There are two remaining vacancies.      

The previous Regional Directors remain the same.  Their role, I believe, is to act as club ambassadors.      

When speaking with Jeff Yost in April, he stated that he hoped the two clubs would maintain good working and interpersonal relationships.      

The VMCA, and now that the VBMWMO has been reorganized, are both political organizations. I believe 'political' means 'of the people'. Considering that in this case, ‘The People’ are the folks who make up the community of people interested in collecting, owning, restoring and riding old BMW motorcycles, there is no ‘Us’ and ‘Them.’      

I once worked as a 'stringer' for UPI. I had the pleasure of meeting with Tipp O'Neal. Even though our political ideas were across the spectrum from each other, the meeting was still very special to me. He told that when he was a kid, his father explained to him, "All politics is local, all politics is local."       

I’ve heard folks complain about club politics, and with good reason. It’s easy to fall into the trap of using whatever political clout one might have, to expose something disagreeable or just plain wrong. When these exposes are dragged out, everyone is turned off.       

When one of us calls another to initiate forming a back yard get together for fellow vintage addicts, that’s political too. How many of us would turn down a barbecue, a beer and time well spent with our friends? We are political in nature. Like bad manners, it is bad politics we want to avoid, while we still enjoy good politics.  

We now have two clubs serving the same community. And because there is good natured competition between some of the folks who operate each of the clubs, the community benefits with ever increasing quality in services and newsletters.


Everybody wins.  


Richard Sheckler



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